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Dungeons & Dragons FAQ

I want to play D&D! Where should I get started?

Theres several options for getting started in the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons!

  • If you'd prefer to get started by yourself, our staff can direct you to the best starter kits available in-store.

  • If you'd like us to teach you, we hold monthly Learn To Play D&D sessions on the first Saturday of each month. They cover the basics and get you ready for questing! Hosted by our fantastic DM, Fletcher. You can grab your ticket for these events here.

Can you teach me how to DM?

We hold occasional Learn To DM sessions at customer request. To register your interest for an event like this, please send us a DM, or an e-mail at, and we'll look at scheduling one.

I’m a DM looking for players! Help!

We’ve got you! In fact, we’ve got a whole waiting list of budding adventurers. If you want to set up a campaign, just contact us at and we'll get the ball – or D20! – rolling! We also strongly recommend joining our Discord server, as it's our primary platform for connecting players and Dungeon Masters.

I’m a player looking for a game! Help!

You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we can add you to our waiting list and contact you directly with the opportunity to join new games. We’ll custom match you with the perfect DM to find a game for you! Just e-mail us at, or join our Discord server, to make your first move.

I've been matched with a game. What should I bring to my first session?

We generally recommend bringing along something to make notes with, a character sheet, and a set of dice. Your DM will let you know of any additional things you need to bring via your dedicated chat in our Discord server.

How much does each Dungeons & Dragons session cost?

Players are £5 entry, which includes a free drink (NOT including Monster or milkshakes.) This is payable upon arrival at the till. DM's get free entry and can claim a free meal during the event as a thank you from us.

Do you advertise new campaigns?

New campaigns are filled in the following order: Waiting List candidates, Discord members, public. Most campaign fill from the first two pools, so we'd strongly recommend joining our Discord server for priority.

What time/day is play? What sort of character should I make? How many players are in my group?

All campaign-specific questions can be answered direct by your DM via your dedicated chat in our Discord server.

I'm not vibing with my campaign and I want to leave. How do I do this?

That's no problem at all! Sometimes, things don't work out, or other commitments get in the way. Whilst we'd always recommend speaking with your DM first, you can contact us at, or on our Discord server, and we can remove you from the group. (Please don't ghost your group - This leads to confusion and uncertainty, and we can always fill your space if need be.)

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