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General FAQ

What is Geek Retreat?

Geek Retreat is a “geek culture” retailer, gaming cafe, and events hub rolled into one. Our nationwide, vibrant stores offer something for geeks and non-geeks alike. Inclusive, welcoming, and social environments for everyone.

Where are you located?

There are a number of Geek Retreat stores up and down the country. Our one, Geek Retreat Chelmsford, is located at 48 Cunard Square, Townfield St, Chelmsford, CM1 1AQ, just behind Chelmsford train station. Check our Google map here

Do you have parking nearby?

The closest car parks are Glebe Road and Townfield Street Multi-Storey. Both are less than a minute’s walk from our front door!

How do I become a Geek Retreat Franchisee?

You’d have to ask the big guys about that! Head over to for more info.

Can you give me any advice on opening a Geek Retreat store?

We get asked this a lot! Our best advice is to do your research, have experience and a good team behind you… and prepare for some sleepless nights!

Do you have any rules in-store?

We do! We have our store ethos, which can be found here: 

Can I bring in outside food/drink?

No. The consumption of any food or drink that is purchased outside of Geek Retreat Chelmsford is not permitted.

Is it free to hang out at Geek Retreat Chelmsford?

It is! We just ask that you maintain our fair use policy by purchasing one item per hour of your stay. (For example, the purchase of a few drinks over a few hours – Much like you’d find in a Starbucks!)

Do you have games available to play?

Yes! We have a wide selection of free-to-play board and card games available at all times.

Can I play my own games in-store?


Do I have to book a table?

Whilst booking a table usually isn’t necessary, we do recommend doing so at busier times (eg. half terms, school holidays, weekends, etc.) or for larger groups (eg. parties, large scale games, etc.)

Can I pre-order upcoming releases?

Yes! Just speak to a member of staff and they’ll get you hooked up!

What is your return & refund policy?

Our return and refund policy can be found HERE.

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