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Events FAQ

What events do you have going on?

We have lots of weekly, biweekly and monthly events at Geek Retreat Chelmsford. You can check out our upcoming events here

Do your events have an age limit?

Most of our events are all ages. However, some events may be more catered to teens/adults, whilst others may be more suited to children. Please ask a member of staff or contact us at for more information.

Can I leave my child/vulnerable person at your event?

We require all under 12’s to be accompanied by an adult, with a preferred ratio of at least one adult per two children. This is to stop large groups of unattended children being left at events.

We will not take responsibility for any individuals left in our care. Our staff are not permitted to offer specialised care, supervision, care for their money, food, toilet breaks or contact details of a parent/carer. Please assure that anybody who requires care is supervised by yourself/a guardian/carer for the entire duration of the event.

Can I access a plug point during my visit?

We cannot provide access to electricity during your stay... Mostly because we have very few accessible plug points!

Where can I find specfic information about an event?

You can find specific event information here, or on any of our social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and Discord are the most user-friendly. Alternatively, you can contact us at with specific queries.

How do I purchase a ticket or reserve a space for this event?

Events with pre-purchased tickets are available here. Other events, including our weekly tournaments, do not require pre-purchased tickets and can be paid for 'at the door.' 

Do you have a specific event for *certain group*?

If you don't see your group catered for amongst our events, feel free to reach out! We might have something coming up, and we happily take any and all suggestions for new events. Just contact us at with your queries or ideas.

Is there an entry fee for this event?

Entry fees vary amongst events. Please check here for specific information, or on any of our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Discord. Alternatively, you can contact us at with specific queries.

How can I connect with people that I met at your event?

We have a thriving Discord server - a live community platform where our customers can connect with one another and access up-to-date information about the store.

I noticed something that needs improving at your event. How can I let you know?

Please do! If you have a suggestion with immediate effect, please speak to the staff member in-store - They can typically be identified by their purple shirts and/or lanyards!

If you have a suggestion after the event, please send us an e-mail at

I need help at an event! Who do I go to?

Our team is on-hand to help! Whether you need medical assistance, a clean-up over a spilled milkshake, game advice or simply some good old fashioned customer service, then we've got you covered. Simply look for the staff members in-store - They can typically be identified by their purple shirts and/or lanyards!

Occasionally, structured events (Leagues, etc) may have their own set of Judges. These Judges will be pointed out to you at the beginning of the event and are there to help with game rulings, clarification and generally, everything pertaining to the current event at hand. In the case of a ruling or query at a Judge-sanctioned event, please defer to the signposted Judges.

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