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Trade-Ins FAQ

Will you buy/trade in my old card collection?

Yes! We occasionally buy in old/unwanted tcg collections for either store credit or cash. The types of cards we buy in may fluctuate due to stock levels. .Please read the criteria below.

Which TCG cards will you buy/trade in?

We strictly buy/trade in Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Lorcana.

Under no circumstances will we buy/trade in Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight, One Piece, Final Fantasy, My Hero Academia, etc,

Can I trade in my old cards against something new?

Yes! Trade-in's will always include a store credit offer, which can be used against other items in-store.

Will you buy bulk?

We are not currently buying bulk, but will accept donations. Bulk is any card described as 'common' or 'uncommon' that you'd typically have a lot of in a collection. Bulk is often donated to us as a means of clearing out things you don't want, but on the rare occasion we buy bulk, it's at £3 per 1000.

How do you work out what my cards are worth?

Cards are purchased at a generalised percentage rate of their current market value as seen on CardMarket. You get 10% more for store credit vs cash. Cards are priced on a case-by-case basis due to fluctuations in the market - this means prices may change between days/months.

Can you value my collection so I can sell it on eBay/to a private buyer?

We do not run a valuation or grading service. Our role in pricing your cards is with an intention to potentiallv purchase them from you ourselves, not to price up a collection for resale.

What happens if you find a fake card in my collection?

Any fake cards identified during the estimation/trade-in process will result in the entire collection being rejected.

I've got thousands of cards, I don't want to sort them but I'm sure there's valuable stuff in there...

If you are trading in a large, disorganised collection, please note that we do not have the resources to price every card individually and may offer you a bulk/lower rate. If you'd like cards to be priced more accurately, please handpick the cards you believe to be valued higher and hand them over to us separately.

Can you price up my collection while I wait?

If you have a few cards, this may be possible. But you may be required to leave your collection with us over a number of days while we price it. Please plan accordingly.

I just want to clear out my collection. Do you take donations?

Yes, donations are currently open. As above, we only take donations of Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Lorcana.

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